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Build a food brand that feeds you.

You’re passionate about what you make. It’s delicious, unlike anything else and you’re ready to show it to the world.

And while you've got killer ideas and a tenacity that won’t quit, finding answers in the maze that is the food industry is straight-up confusing. Not to mention exhausting. Where's the map? 

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Food Makers Academy is an online community for new packaged food startups to create a focused, profitable and (yes) fun business that feeds you.

Comprehensive multi-week courses, workshops, a vibrant and interactive social media community . . . we’ve designed these abundant spaces solely to give you wings.

You’ve just launched your food company. Maybe you’re asking yourself:

Well, the idea was easy, but now what?

You struggle to navigate all the back-end business bits. Yet you need to clearly communicate to the world why everyone should love your product as much as you do.
Where’s the map?

So … how do I make money?

You know how to make your product, you have some shopper interest, but the hidden expenses that stack up have left you unsure if and when you’ll ever see a profit.
Where’s the map?

Really? Can I do all this?

Juggling all the things while keeping yourself energized is hard enough. But when you look ahead at the unanswered questions while keeping yourself motivated and positive, it’s daunting.
Where’s. The. Map.

Our courses are designed to:

Build a Solid Foundation

Have a clear path (map!) to learn about and then plan sourcing and production, licenses and insurance, costs and pricing.

Get Ready to Scale

Create a sales strategy for growth with an eye to production, labor and volume – three keys that affect your bottom line.

Exceed Your Sales Goals

Position, pitch and expand your brand through a multi-channel sales strategy that puts money where it should be – in your pocket.

We’re here to give you wings.

Food Makers Academy offers clear steps, achievable goals and a plan for sustainable growth - the map you need.

Join us and learn how to build a food brand with both clarity and direction—making you a confident insider—to create an abundant, profitable business that feeds your life.

And, of course, the world.

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